Wicker Baskets

Materials used in Wicker Baskets

Wicker Baskets are made from sustainable materials.  The wicker, or willow as it is sometimes referred to,  is harvested from the Willow tree.  The tree, which looks more like a shrub, is fast growing, which allows it to be cut back each season making it an environmentally sustainable material.  Willow grows prolifically throughout the Northern Hemisphere but is actually native to China, which is where many wicker baskets originate.  The manufacture of wicker products are often the main source of income to the local villagers, so it’s growing, harvesting and production are good for the wider community.

Colours of Willow for Wicker Baskets

Green Wicker – Wicker that is untreated.
Brown Wicker
– Wicker that is dried with its bark still on.
Buff Wicker
– Wicker that is boiled, the bark removed and then dried.  The variety of wicker used is often Black Maul, which despite its name, is not black.
White Wicker
– This requires a fairly lengthy process and this is reflected in the higher price of the wicker.   The variety of wicker used is Black Maul and when it is harvested, it is kept alive until it is in full leaf.  At this point it is stripped of leaf and bark to reveal the white wicker.   It is then dried and stored in the dark to prevent yellowing.  It should not, of course, be confused with wicker that has simply been painted white!
Steamed Wicker
– This is brown in colour.  Brown Wicker (dried) that has been placed in the boiler for a few hours to colour the bark of the wicker a chocolate/black.  The wicker is then removed from the boiler and dried outside.  Steamed wicker is used for adding colour and texture to baskets.
Double Steamed Wicker
– This wicker goes through the steaming process twice, as the name suggests.

Constructing Wicker Baskets

The core parts of a wicker basket are the base, the side walls, and the rim.  Some wicker baskets may also have a handle, lid, fastenings or embellishments.

The starting point for making a wicker basket is the base.  The base can either be woven or solid wood can be used.  The 'static' pieces of the basket are put down first.  These pieces are known as 'spokes' if the basket is round, or 'stakes' or 'staves' in other shape baskets.  Once the base is in place, the sides are woven into places.

Many different patterns can be made by changing the size, colour, or by placement of a certain style of weave.  Wicker baskets have become very popular because they are light, robust and

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